Yoga & Mindfulness in Business

Feel great wherever you are and gain vitality, balance and harmony


Why Yoga in the workplace?

Many companies already recognize the benefits of yoga, deciding to offer sessions to their employees as an important part to reduce stress, improve relationships, keep the body in shape, gaining vitality and health

What do I offer?

Group classes where you will improve your attitude and well-being in the workplace, promoting self-confidence and safety, improving concentration and attention and offering greater performance and effectiveness.

Personal and private classes, focused on the specific needs of those who request it, combining them with mindfulness sessions to reach the maximum potential. If necessary, physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions may be included to treat specific problems.

Yoga Retreats

These are 5 or 7 days of coexistence from April- May to September-October in the Greek Islands, each year we offer different options where your company can choose the best option for your needs.

Each island is different and magical because this is where we learn to stop, observe and listen through our six senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and thought. Here we learn to know each other a little better, creating union and well-being.

I adapt and arrange the Yoga program to your needs, in the yoga sessions we work through the physical body (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation and meditation.

We win without a doubt: in vitality, balance, harmony and peace.

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