About me

My name is Rocío Peña. I am a Yoga practitioner since 2000 and teacher since 2009.

I firmly believe that the constant effort to overcome our limitations leads us to connect our body, mind and spirit in a harmony that transforms our lives.

I am grateful to all the people, practitioners and teachers that I have encountered throughout my life. Their generosity and unconditional support has enriched and sometimes, - when I have been able to perceive it -, has illuminated this exciting path.

My Rocio Peña kundakunda.compurpose is to dedicate myself to Yoga practices and give back with gratitude what I have received, nothing else!

It is for me a dream come true being able to combine Greece and Spain, since both have been part of my life. I hope with all my heart to meet you on this journey... ..Namaste!


Certified in Yoga Instruction (AFDA-550hrs)

Certified in MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction)

Facial Yoga, (facial and gesture exercises), for the recovery of facial health.

Conservator of Fine Arts - Madrid

Intership research en «Fire damage paintings» en Courtauld Institute of Art – Londres.