About me

Hello, my name is Rocío Peña and I am so excited you are here and want to learn more about yoga and me. My Rocio Peña kundakunda.comimmersion to yoga has been little by little, step by step and now is part of my life or rather a way of life . In yoga what helps you grow is the constant practice and humbleness. I am currently certified in Yoga Instruction (AFDA-550hrs) and in MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction).

I studied Conservation of Art in Madrid and specialised in Paintings Conservation and concluded my Postgraduate studies in London. I sincerely have to say that I love my profession. My first contact with yoga as I mentioned in another section was in 1992 in a conscious meditation during a sunset in Oia (I will never forget it, it was incredibly wonderful!), however I did not have a contact with the yoga practice until the year 2000 when the doctors informed me that I had to be operated on both of my knees ...

It was in London, where my current partner suggested I could practice some yoga asanas and to my surprise in 8 months and with the help of a physiotherapist .. the tests concluded that the operation was no longer necessary. In fact I could walk kilometres and kilometres without pain, so I continued to receive Yoga classes on a regular basis.

In 2002 I joined a Yoga retreat in Santorini, going back to Oia was amazing .... That same year and for professional reasons I traveled to French Polynesia (yes, yes, where they perform nuclear bomb tests), I ate raw fish (not recommended !!) and picked up a bacteria that left me out of action for 1 year !! (3 months hospitalized). Without going into more details I can say that thanks to Yoga I managed to recover completely and in 3-5 years I was in top shape! Happy because in those years I have learned to listen my body, and study as much as possible about food and nutrition. Today I am the mother of two children and all that path of knowledge has allowed me to be able to offer to my children a healthy and complete diet.

In the year 2005 I took yoga courses introducing myself into asthanga but I realized was not for me and although it helped me to be in excellent physical condition, I left it and started practicing Yoga Iyengar; I loved the first classes and I started reading his books, but fate made me move and I had to leave ... .. In the new destination I did not find anyone who offered Iyengar Yoga and I started with the traditional Hatha yoga (200 hrs), which consists in awakening one's essential identity and consciousness. I have not left practicing it since then.

In 2009 I got pregnant!! And the pregnancy was incredibly wonderful, I just did not go through any side effect, I was simply floating ... So in this same year I started receiving Infant Yoga courses, I wanted to be ready to offer to my children something that was already part of me. After the birth of my children and without realizing it, what was once a hobby began to be my profession. I have been giving for the last 10 years classes to children, women with specific needs and I currently embrace a general public aiming to help them achieve a sound health.

I can only give thanks for this wonderful journey and for what I am today.

My purpose is to dedicate myself to Yoga practices and give back with gratitude what I have received, nothing else!

It is for me a dream come true being able to combine Greece and Spain, since both have been part of my life. I hope with all my heart to meet you on this journey... ..Namaste!