About me

My name is Rocío Peña. I am a Yoga practitioner since 2000 and teacher since 2009.

I firmly believe that the constant effort to overcome our limitations leads us to connect our body, mind and spirit in a harmony that transforms our lives.

I am grateful to all the people, practitioners and teachers that I have encountered throughout my life. Their generosity and unconditional support has enriched and sometimes, - when I have been able to perceive it -, has illuminated this exciting path.

My Rocio Peña kundakunda.compurpose is to dedicate myself to Yoga practices and give back with gratitude what I have received, nothing else!

It is for me a dream come true being able to combine Greece and Spain, since both have been part of my life. I hope with all my heart to meet you on this journey... ..Namaste!


I never thought that as a Yoga practitioner during my studies and later during a professional life dedicated to the Art, both paths would merge to become one, "Yoga". Dedicating myself to teaching has been thanks to my teachers who have shown me that teaching is giving the best of you (your best version), your Soul! When we act like this, what you get is so much more. I want to thank Gabriella Al-Chamali and Miguel Reyes for their joy and sense of teaching. Thanks from my heart!

Certified in Yoga Instruction (AFDA-550hrs)

Certified in MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction)

Facial Yoga, (facial and gesture exercises), for the recovery of facial health.

Conservator of Fine Arts - Madrid

Internship research at Courtauld Institute of Art - London.