Facial health

Learn to take care of your face as well as your body through Yoga

How many times have we heard the phrase "the face is the reflection of the soul"?

I personally many times, but only now I can say that I understand what effects these words cause on our facial features. Around the age of 16 or 17 I suffered from an infection in the left lower lip. Through intesive facial exercises and specific care, I managed to recover entirely.

Since then and up to this day I have not stopped taking care of myself, making and adapting the exercises to my skin type and to the lines of my face, which with the passage of time has been modified. Thanks to my Yoga training, to Ayurveda and to my direct contact with physiotherapists and osteopaths my curiosity and knowledge has been enriched.Yoga facial kundakunda

It was fascinating to discover that we have 43 interlaced and interconnected muscles, which we can be classified to those of small size, with a limited function to facial expressions, and to those of large size and with a fundamental role in functions as important as speech, eating and even breathing. All these muscles are connected directly with our skull and are protected and stimulated through the fascial system. The fascia is a structure of a very resistant, connective tissue , which extends throughout the body as a three-dimensional network. It is membranous in appearance and connects and wraps up all body structures. This layer connects skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue and muscle. Blood Yoga facial | kundakundaand lymphatic vessels along with the nerves branch out into the thickness of this fascia.

And in this incredible and amazing path of curiosity and knowledge I come across with the studies of Paul Ekman, which examine how emotions and in particular: surprise, sadness, anger, displeasure, fear and joy are expressed and give life in our face.

Why is it important to perform facial yoga?

Because it is physical and mental health. They are not just facial exercises to move the muscle, it takes consciousness and intelligence to stimulate them to their deepest layers. Through Yoga I will teach you to connect with your inner beauty !!

How is it practiced and what benefits do you get?

Through movements, pressures (activation of energetic points) and stretching, we will tone up and strengthen the muscles of the face, obtaining the following benefits:

  • activation of blood and lymphatic circulation; You will feel how the tone of the skin is unified granting luminosity.

  • helps to reduce and even makes in many cases disappear the dark circles and eye bags,

  • combats wrinkles, slowing down the development of deep wrinkles,

  • repairs and regenerates tissues by improving circulation-oxygens and nourishes skin cells-stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

  • Visibly reconstructs the traces of the face, for example: jowls, cheekbones, etc.

  • You will feel optimistic, calm and full of light.


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